Kajakkort - Limfjord

Leg: Around Jegindø: 17 km



  Jegindø rundt










Starting point:

Tambohuse at the harbour for smaller boats. Free parking.

Ending point:

Round trip.


Easy, but be careful around the dam and at Bøhl Hage. Be careful when the wind speed is over 8 m/s, the waves in Venø Bugt quickly grow large. 

Special conditions:

Strong current at the dam where the Limfjord runs to Jegindø. Relatively strong current at Bøhløre Hage (between Mors and Jegindø).

Protection and considerations:




  • Tambohuse Kro, inn, Tambogade 37, 7790 Thyholm, Tlf: 97 87 53 00 (GPS: 56.635934°, 8.592949°)
  • Tambohuse Camping, campsites and cabins, Jegindøvej 27, 7790 Thyholm, Tlf: 97 87 17 72  (GPS: 56.643397°, 8.579603°) – located right at the Limfjord 
  • FDF Sejlcenter, 5 shelters and a smaller campsite. 20 kr./night. Havnegade 20, 7790 Thyholm (GPS: 56.651130°, 8.633943°) – showers, covered fire ring. 
  • Shelter site approx. 300 m from the dam. Kirkebakken 5, 7790 Thyholm (GPS: 56.640563°, 8.607399°) - large shelter, toilet and a covered table.


  • Jegindø Habour (Jegindø Havn)/FDF Sejlcenter, Havnegade 20, 7790 Thyholm – toilet, shower and drinking water (GPS: 56.651130°, 8.633943°)
  • Bøhløre hage – toilet and drinking water (GPS: 56.658908°, 8.637912°)

Where to eat:

  • Æ skipperhus, restaurant, Havnegade 24b, Jegindø, Tlf: 42 67 84 27 



Landing Spots:

  • Bøhløre Hage – parking space (GPS: 56.658908°, 8.637912°)
  • Jegindø Habour – Havnegade 24, 7790 Thyholm (GPS: 56.651130°, 8.633943°)

Kayak Rentals:


Tour Description:

You can either row clockwise or counterclockwise around Jegindø dependent on the weather. If you choose to go clockwise, be careful when you pass through the dam as the current can be strong. The trip is varied with views of salt meadows, common and farmland. There are many birds and other wildlife. You can often spot seals as Bøhløre Hage, toilets are located here as well. You can take a quick detour to Mors, which you can see in the distance. Jegindø Habour is located approx. 1 km  after Bøhløre Hage. The habour, now used as a marina, is full of life during the summer months. Here you can find shelter from wind and rain and overnight shelters, tables and a covered fire ring are all available here. On the trip southwards, you will have a great view of the west of Salling. The very long southern point of Jegindø is called Jegind Tab. This is a nice place for a swim and with distinctive nature. Back towards Tambohuse, you will see salt meadows and livestock. 


  • Jegindø Habour
  • Small museum: Æ Flyverhus, Trillingsgaards Vej 14, 7790 Thyholm
  • Jegindø Church


Jegindo.dk, about Jegindø

Thyholm.dk, about the area Thyholm (in danish)



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